The Law Offices of Hochberg & DiRienzo, P.A. is pleased to offer you the following residential eviction services.

  • Free, no obligation phone or office consultation to discuss your legal situation.
  • Most cases filed by the next business day after receipt of all proper paperwork.
  • Never a charge for phone calls, faxes, first class postage, or other office expenses.
  • After hour and weekend appointments to suit your needs.
  • Both attorneys are landlords, and represent Landlords statewide.
  • Dedicated, knowledgeable, and personable attorneys who have personally handled thousands of evictions & Landlord/ Tenant matters throughout Florida since 1997.
  • Other practice areas: Foreclosure Defense, Loan Modifications, Bankruptcy.


$50.00 Attorneys’ fee for preparation of any statutory notice (included in the standard flat rate fee if the firm files an eviction action).

$250.00 Standard flat-rate attorney’s fee for most residential evictions for possession (includes preparation of Statutory Notice, Preparation of Eviction Complaint for Possession, preparation of Claim on Security Deposit, and unlimited consultation during the process).

$150.00 Additional flat-rate fees for preparing and handling Count II for Past Due Rent. (optional service)

$150.00 Attorneys’ fee for time spent handling your matter where you filed your own case and now desire the firm’s involvement or in your cases when your tenant has sued or countersued you. In most cases, your total attorneys’ fee will not exceed $250.00, unless your matter involves protracted litigation/negotiations.

$50.00 Fee for Statutory Notices sent Certified Mail (includes postage)


Approximate costs which may apply to your matter, and are set by third parties:

$185.00 Filing Fee payable to Clerk of Court to institute lawsuit.

$10.00 Summon Fee payable to Clerk of Court (per defendant)

$40.00 Service of Process Fee (per defendant)

Writ of Possession Fee payable to the Sheriff’s Office in the event the Sheriff is required to finalize the eviction. (Price May Vary)